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Arkansas Chapter American Acadmey of Pediatrics

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Arkansas Chapter American Academy of Pediatrics

State Focused Approach

Joining the Arkansas Chapter of the AAP provides a state-focused approach to carrying out the national AAP’s priorities and unique-to-Arkansas goals that benefit our pediatricians and children.  Members receive access to a host of benefits including:

  • Regular webinars on timely topics
  • A voice in advocacy for children and pediatricians at the state and national level, both at the Capitol and through administrative advocacy
  • Eligibility for committees that support ARAAP goals
  • The opportunity to participate in CME/MOC initiatives and Quality Improvement projects
  • Much more!

You can join the more than 400 ARAAP members in improving the practice of pediatrics and the well-being of children today.

ARAAP Membership Dues are currently $125 per year but will increase to $175 on July 1, 2021. This increase, the first in a decade, was made on the recommendation of the Board of Directors and supported by a unanimous member vote at the 2020 Annual Meeting of the Membership. 

Membership – National & State Chapter of the AAP

National AAP Membership

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Chapter AAP Membership

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New In 2021

As of July 1, 2021, ARAAP has added a new state membership category for Practice Managers and other Allied Health Professionals who are sponsored by a member. Their state-only dues will be $175.