AAP Food Insecurity ECHO

The American Academy of Pediatrics is recruiting primary care practices to join a 6-month learning collaborative aimed to educate and support primary care providers on developing and sustaining approaches in pediatric practice to support children and families facing food insecurity.

Practices will engage in the ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) modelTM, a tele-mentoring platform that leverages video conference technology to connect subject matter experts with primary care teams in local communities, fostering an “all teach, all learn” approach.

Primary care providers can participate in one of two tracks of the AAP Food Insecurity ECHO:

Track 1

  • 6 monthly educational ECHO sessions
  • Encouraged to attend 2 additional quality improvement ECHO sessions
  • First 10 participants to enroll will receive a $500 from AR AAP

Track 2

  • 6 monthly educational ECHO sessions
  • 2 quality improvement ECHO sessions, applying QI methodology through monthly
  • chart review, PDSA cycles and QI coaching
  • All participants will receive $1,000 from AAP

Benefits of participating

  • Improve capacity to identify, refer and follow-up with families experiencing or nearing food insecurity
  • Network and problem solve with others
  • Learn new quality improvement (QI) methods and track improvement through monthly data collection to achieve desired outcomes in your practice (Track 2)
  • Network and problem solve with others
  • Practices will receive a $1,000 stipend for their active participation (Track 2)
  • Participating pediatricians will have the opportunity to earn American Board of Pediatrics Part 4 Maintenance (approval pending: Track 2)

Nov-Dec 2022

Submit Online Application

Submit Online Application by December 15th, 2022 You will indicare on the applicartion which track you intend to apply for.

Dec 2022

Receive Onboarding Materials

January- June 2023

Track 1

  • Attend monthly ECHO sessions (8 total)
  • Prepare a case review

Track 2

  • Attend monthly ECHO sessions (8 total)
  • Conduct monthly deidentified chart reviews
  • Prepare a case review form
  • Test changes to improve access to quality healthcare for patients

June – July2023


  • Complete post evaluation survey
  • Participate in focus group

If you have any questions, please email Katie Clark, Project Manager, at katie@arkansasaap.org